Research Areas

School-to-Work Transitions

This set of research includes a 2010 project that examined implementation of the Post-9/11 GI Bill for returning military veterans, as well as a later examination of military veterans’ employment and earnings after receiving bachelor’s degrees from public, private, or for-profit colleges and universities. The more recent work focuses on young people’s transitions to postsecondary education and the labor market.

Competency-Based and Adaptive Instruction

These studies examine implementation and effects of student-centered teaching interventions, including competency- or mastery-based learning and grading, as well as computer-based adaptive instruction that adjusts to meet students’ individual levels of skill.

Data-Driven Decision Making in Schools: Guidelines and Professional Development Effects

This set of work, which includes books published through the Data Wise Project at Harvard University and the What Works Clearinghouse at the U.S. Department of Education, focuses partly on the aggregation of what education practitioners and researchers regard as best practices for using data to improve student outcomes in schools. It also includes results from a randomized field trial of a data-driven decision making intervention in a large U.S. school district.